Financial Literacy for Youth Math Club for girls

Women occupy 25% of math-related careers with women of color representing only 4% of the STEM workforce.

To change the equation, we foster girls' confidence, ignite awareness & boost their consumer math skills.

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Fly Math Club’s mission is to increase girls’ interest and engagement in math by boosting their academic confidence through active learning opportunities using a financial literacy-based curriculum. We envision a world where every girl believes that she is able and capable of becoming a math and financially literate leader.


We believe girls in grades 6th-8th need a supportive and collaborative learning environment where they can build their math confidence. Through our programming, we inspire girls to become academic risk-takers who are leaders, critical thinkers, and problem solvers. We help girls tear down the mental barriers to math success so that it doesn't serve as a gatekeeper to them achieving their goals.


Our Programs

Fly Math Club creates active learning experiences where girls build their math confidence through financial literacy infused activities-ultimately building the skills necessary for a future as a STEM professional and as a financially literate leader.



During our nine-week club, members will have the opportunity to improve their financial literacy and math skills. Fly Math Club is a transformational math-based leadership development program that promotes diversity, fosters a growth mindset, and empowers advocacy. The program culminates with the girls being academically and emotionally prepared to showcase their math skills in public during our celebratory challenge day.


During our summer summits, girls come together to collaborate as advocates using leadership, design thinking, and their STEM skills to become leaders of social change. Girls learn how to use creative problem solving to brainstorm ways to make a positive impact by helping others. After the summit, girls will understand how they can use science, technology, engineering, or math skills to serve as a leader for causes they care about most. 

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Pursuing a math-related career often equates to upward mobility and increased job opportunities because on average STEM workers earn more than non-STEM workers. However, based on research, only 4% of girls of color will pursue a career in STEM. Fly Math Club gives girls access to real-life math education by using financial literacy to educate, empower and encourage our next generation of math and financially literate women leaders. We believe all girls, especially girls of color and those from economically disadvantaged backgrounds deserve exposure to the skills necessary to access high-impact careers.

Our Impact

Fly Math Club aspires to close the gender gap in STEM so we make learning experiences engaging and accessible for girls while boosting their math and financial literacy skills. In 2018, we served 100+ girls in grades 6th-8th and here’s what happened.


of girls agree that Fly Math Club lessons relate to real life.



of girls said they learned how to use creativity and academics to solve real-world problems.



of girls experienced growth in math proficiency.

I plan to own a business someday and financial literacy is important in all parts of life. I believe all girls should join Fly Math Club because good money management is important and it’s a way of empowerment for females.
— Elyse [Fly Math Club member]
Every girl should join Fly Math Club because you learn new ways of using math in real life than you do in school. It’s a good way to learn about financial literacy and improve your math skills.
— Alyssa [Fly Math Club member]

Get Involved

FLY Math Club's mission is to ensure every girl believes that she is able and capable of achieving success in math, regardless of her family's socio-economic status. While we do our best to accept as many interested girls as possible, the number of scholarships or grants available depends on funding. Our supporters host online fundraisers, volunteer, and give monthly to help us subsidize our programs.



Make a monetary donation. Our ability to impact girls is made possible due to the generous support from caring individuals. 


Make a big impact with a small monthly gift. For less than $14 per month, you can sponsor an entire club season for one girl.

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