5 Creative Ways To Host A Math Club

It’s official! You are excited about hosting a math club at your school. You’ve always wanted to host a math club but wasn’t sure if you had the time, resources or if students would even be interested. Let’s face it; middle school students change their mind like the wind. One day something is the cool thing to do and the next day it’s a lame idea. I hear those same thoughts from other middle school math teachers.

Recently, we posted a blog post called, 7 Steps To Starting An After-School. The post described seven necessary steps to launching any successful after-school club. It’s not the end all be all type of advice because there are multiple ways to start an after-school club. Our goal was to provide an example of how to launch a club in a simple and quick manner.

Considering that middle schools operate differently depending on the state or school district, it’s beneficial to discuss a concern that comes up often. 

Where do I find the time to host club meetings?

The FLY Math Club program is designed on the assumption that club advisors/teachers are hosting a minimum of ten meetings per year with each session lasting 1.5 hours. Given that context, we will outline five ways to find the time to host math club meetings. Some of the options shared may or may not work for your school or students. Therefore, the ideas provided are designed to spark ideas. 

                                     What's next?

Before deciding on a club model, allow parents to take a survey to opt into the best option for their child. Although the top priority is student experience, it’s important that the club advisor attends every meeting. Club advisors must ensure that the meeting schedule and agenda of activities align with their availability as well. Canceling and rescheduling meetings can cause students and parents to lose interest in the club. 

Grab our free club planning guide. It's filled with action-packed instructions and tips to save you time with planning and launching a math club for girls at your school or community site.