25 Ways Kids Can Celebrate Random Act of Kindness Day


National Random Act of Kindness Day is observed on February 17th. It has become increasingly popular each year.  Individuals, groups, and organizations celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day to encourage people to show friendly gestures to others.  It’s not uncommon to see social media challenges or to hear stories about strangers helping others unprompted but the stories shared are usually about adults.

What about the kids? How can they show a random act of kindness to someone?

Social/Emotional Growth: In kindergarten, students are taught the importance of exhibiting positive character traits such as being courageous, honest, generous, responsible, etc. Character Counts describes a framework called the Six Pillars of Character which includes six ethical values that everyone should strive to live by Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Trustworthiness, Caring, and Citizenship. They believe that teaching character traits will create a positive learning environment for students and instill a culture of kindness which will ultimately impact the school’s climate.

Academic Growth: In middle grades language arts class, students are asked to analyze a character’s  dialogue and actions to make an inference which ultimately test comprehension skills of the passage and their ability to identify particular traits in someone else.

How can we promote student leadership outside the classroom? How can we ensure that students are leaders everyday?

Personal Growth: There are a variety of small actions that students can do to show student leadership in their personal life. Random Acts of Kindness Day is celebrated in February. Let students brainstorm how they can show care, respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, fairness, and citizenship every day. Allow space for students to reflect on a time when someone showed them a random act of kindness. Allow students to explain how did this gesture make them feel and think? Ask students to explore the impact that kindness can have in school, home, and their community.

Middle school students are usually great at brainstorming, but if your students exhaust ideas, we provided a list of 25 ways students can show a random act of kindness.

Let's Recap:

Don’t forget to download the brainstorming template. Have students draw or glue the template in their math journals/notebooks. 

  1. Say “I’m sorry” when you are wrong.

  2. Write a nice note to a classmate.

  3. Eat lunch with someone new at school.

  4. Donate used books to charity.

  5. Let someone skip you in line.

  6. Give someone an honest compliment.

  7. Make a gift basket for a sick child.

  8. Clean up a local community park.

  9. Donate used clothes to charity.

  10. Write a thank you note to your teacher.

  11. Volunteer at a local food bank.

  12. Volunteer to do an extra household chore.

  13. Read a book to a younger family member.

  14. Help keep your classroom clean.

  15. Do something kind for a classmate.

  16. Make a homemade gift for someone.

  17. Donate new pajamas to kids in need.

  18. Help your parent cook dinner.

  19. Hold the door open for someone else.

  20. Write positive chalk messages on the sidewalk of your school (with permission).

  21. Throw away your trash when in public places.

  22. Walk shopping carts inside the store.

  23. Sweep an elderly neighbor’s leaves off their sidewalk or shovel the snow.

  24. Avoid gossiping and spreading rumors about other people.

  25. Write and send positive postcards to sick children.

Tell us...Did your students think of additional ideas not listed above?

Visit www.randomactsofkindness.org to learn more about Random Acts of Kindness Day.

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