15 Ways To Recruit Math Club Members


Club advisors are often seeking ways to expand and recruit new members. It's no surprise that it can be challenging to spread awareness of a new club idea.  A school-based club can't exist without members; therefore, a marketing plan is necessary to get the word out and to encourage students to participate. To ensure an active club strive to have at least ten students. After a club is in operation for a year, it's easier to obtain members. Current members can share their personal experience engaging in the club and word of mouth is the best type of marketing. 

What if you are starting a new club? How can you recruit the first set of members?

Here are fifteen ideas that club advisors could execute to market their club to recruit members.


Let's Recap:

  • Recruit a few students from diverse backgrounds that may be interested in joining a math club to become charter members.


  • Encourage the charter club members to spread the word about the math club to recruit additional students.


  • Design a bulletin board display in an eye-catching place (ex: cafeteria or main hallway) with club membership information.


  • Host a club interest meeting to generate excitement. Don’t forget to bring snacks. Be sure to share the club's mission, benefits of becoming a member, and example group activities.


  • Send a flyer home to the parents of interested students to provide information about the club and next steps for becoming a member.


  • Hang posters and flyers around the school to bring awareness about the club.


  • Spread the word about the new math club on the school news, morning or afternoon announcements, school newsletter, etc.

  • Ask other teachers to promote the club by including information in their parent update communications (ex: emails, text messages, newsletters, etc.).


  • Set up a club information booth for parents and students at school events (ex: open house or back to school night).


  • Ask the parent-teacher association for support so they can provide word-of-mouth marketing to other parents.


  • Visit classrooms or an upcoming school assembly and allow club charter members to spread the news about starting a math club.


  • Advertise your math club at school sporting events. Share a three-minute elevator pitch detailing the club's purpose and type of activities that members will do.


  • Place a yard sign near the student pickup and drop off location outside of the school to promote enrollment.


  • Generate awareness of your math club by co-hosting a service project with another club at your school site.


  • Distribute mini M & M candy packs with a membership sign up note to spread the message "Math Matters."

Grab our free club planning guide. It's filled with action-packed instructions and tips to save you time with planning and launching a math club for girls at your school or community site.