25 Ways Kids Can Celebrate Random Act of Kindness Day

National Random Acts of Kindness Day is observed on February 17th. It has become increasingly popular each year.  Individuals, groups, and organizations celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day to encourage people to show friendly gestures to others.  It’s not uncommon to see social media challenges or to hear stories about strangers helping others unprompted but the stories shared are usually about adults.

What about the kids? How can they show a random act of kindness to someone?

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Teacher TipsCandice McCain
10 Ways Parents Can Teach Financial Literacy To Their Children

It’s never too early to teach children about financial literacy and how to manage money responsibly. The Council for Economic Education (CEE) conducts a review every two years to analyze the state of K-12 economic and financial education in the United States. The latest 2016 report showed that there is limited growth in economic education and slower growth in personal finance education. Here are some quick facts about the state of financial literacy in the United States school system.

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How To Make A Personalized Math Notebook Cover: Get To Know Me In Numbers

As a former middle school math teacher, I understand the importance of building a positive classroom culture. Fostering a positive culture starts with getting to know students, students knowing each other and investing students in learning. Building relationships and investing students in learning should begin the first day of the school year. When teaching high stakes subjects, it’s normal to feel the urge to dive right into content and weave in a few general getting to know you activities. Sometimes the pressure of ensuring that students pass the end of grade assessment causes teachers to place less emphasis on building relationships and investing students in learning from day one. Time often seems to be limited considering teachers have a pacing guide to follow. 

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