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Thank you for joining our newsletter community and requesting the Club Starter Guide! The Fly Math Club Starter Guide is available to all educators and is designed to assist you with planning a successful math club for girls at your school site.

I'm excited that you are considering joining the movement by becoming a Fly Math Club advisor. You signed up to gain access to the club starter guide. Perhaps you are at the stage where you're exploring the idea of starting a math club for girls or seeking resources to enhance a club you currently advise.

Either way, I hope that you find our resources helpful. 

You know what they say...sharing is caring. If you know of another middle school educator who may be interested in starting a math club for girls, please share our website with them so they can download the guide as well.

Next steps:

Download and print the club starter guide. Record your thoughts in the planning spaces.

Feel free to contact me with questions. Stay tuned for more resources from me via email.

Math love,