Help us foster girls' self-efficacy via math clubs



Did you know? Of the fastest-growing occupations, 75% of them require significant preparation in science or mathematics, and 78% of girls show an interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering, & math) but only 25% of the STEM workforce consists of women.

FLY Math Club is designed to help build girls’ academic confidence and foster a growth mindset by bringing together girls of all math abilities and backgrounds into a space where they are encouraged to take risks, learn, grow and test out their math skills through project-based learning. We use math as a tool for female empowerment and help girls overcome their challenges in math, both real and perceived. We break down mental barriers to math success for young girls with the ultimate goal to close the gender gap in STEM fields.

Consider supporting our movement-building girl's academic confidence and closing the gender gap in STEM.

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Through our generous funders and our individual donors, we are able to provide partial scholarships to families who qualify for free/reduced lunch as specified by the US Food and Nutrition Service.