Our Programs

Women occupy 25% of math-related careers with women of color representing only 4% of the STEM workforce. To change the equation, we foster girls' confidence, ignite awareness & boost their consumer math skills.

Fly Math Club creates active learning experiences where girls build their math confidence through financial literacy infused activities-ultimately building the skills necessary for a future as a STEM professional and as a financially literate leader.



During our nine-week club, members will have the opportunity to improve their financial literacy and math skills. Fly Math Club is a transformational math-based leadership development program that promotes diversity, fosters a growth mindset, and empowers advocacy. The program culminates with the girls being academically and emotionally prepared to showcase their math skills in public during our celebratory challenge day.


During our summit, girls come together to collaborate as advocates using leadership, design thinking, and their STEM skills to become leaders of social change. Girls learn how to use creative problem solving to brainstorm ways to make a positive impact by helping others. After the summit, girls will understand how they can use science, technology, engineering, or math skills to serve as a leader for causes they care about most.